Venomous spider found in shipping container from Brazil

The Brazilian wandering spider is found in most areas of South America

(KHON) – The state Dept. of Agriculture reports that a venomous spider was captured in Honolulu on Monday, April 13.

The spider was found in a container of granite and flagstone from Brazil that was being off-loaded in Honolulu.

Agents from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection sealed the container and immediately turned the spider over to entomologists at the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, who identified it as a Brazilian wandering spider. The brown-colored spider had a leg span that measured about 3.5 inches.

On Thursday, a second container from the same shipment was opened and another spider was found and killed immediately by a worker unloading the container. The spider was destroyed to the extent it could not be positively identified, but the worker said it looked like the photo of the Brazilian wandering spider.

The second container was sealed and quarantined and the Plant Quarantine Branch is working with the importer to have the containers shipped back to Brazil.

The Brazilian wandering spider is found in most areas of South America; however, it is not established in North America. They are considered one of the most venomous spiders in the world and may grow to have a leg span of five inches. Their venom is a strong neurotoxin that can cause increased blood pressure and heart rate, vomiting, blurred vision and intense pain where the bite occurs.

This species of spider does not spin webs, but wanders around for their food, thus the name. Their diet consists of insects, other spiders, lizards and small rodents.

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