Puppies caged on top of a car

When drivers noticed the cage had four puppies inside, the 911 calls started coming in

Photo Courtesy: NBC News/WKYC

(NBC News/WKYC) – Drivers on Ohio highways made several calls to 911 after they saw a dog cage with several puppies inside on the roof a van. This cage on top of a van going down interstate 76 drew several second looks, when drivers noticed the cage had four puppies inside, the 911 calls started coming in.

Be on the lookout for a black minivan as a cage on the roof with several puppies in it.

Police say when they pulled the car over; they found a Mennonite family of 6 on the first hour of a 300 mile journey from Ashland County to Chambersburg, PA.

S/Sergeant Kris Beitzel: “I did ask him why the dogs were not in the car and he said he had far more important things to put in the car meaning his children and there wasn’t room.”

The family willingly gave the puppies to police.

S/Sergeant Kris Beitzel: “I didn’t see any injuries, I did notice all four would not leave each other, they were huddled together, they were scared, they had urinated throughout the cage, when I try to get them out they ran back in the cage, they were very scared and I imagine intimidated having been on top of that van for that long. now they did have a tarp that covered three sides of the cage, but they are still experiencing a lot of wind, a lot of noise”

Akron police brought the dogs here to Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital, the vets here tell me the dogs are doing fine, they just gave them a bath, they are good. Tomorrow they will take them to summit county animal shelter.

As for the family, police decided not to arrest them, but to educate them that it is illegal to transport animals outside of a vehicle.

S/Sergeant Kris Beitzel: “They have to be inside the vehicle and not on top of the vehicle or in the truck or anywhere else, they have to be inside the car and he understood that he said had he known he would’ve never agreed to transport them.”

The family told police they were trying to avoid having the dogs put down.

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