New England Aquarium breeding nearly extinct penguin species

World Penguin Day is April 25

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline

BOSTON (AP) — Things are getting steamy at the New England Aquarium, where biologists are trying to entice endangered African penguins to get it on.

Aquarium experts are playing matchmaker behind the scenes to encourage eight pairs of African penguins to breed more chicks. Biologists say that will help a population that’s expected to be extinct in the wild by 2025 to continue to thrive in captivity.

The Boston facility’s version of “50 Shades of Grey?” Its penguins are given “honeymoon suites” — cozy plastic igloo-style homes and other private nooks off the main exhibit designed to get them in the mood to mate.

Over the past 15 years, the Aquarium has sent 28 birds to seven different zoos and aquariums around North America.

World Penguin Day is April 25.

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