Millions of jellyfish-like creatures washing ashore

Officials say these jellyfish washed up last April, and six years before that, too

(CNN) – There’s something fishy going on in Washington State. Several unusual sea creatures are being pushed ashore from Baja to the Behring Sea. Millions of them have washed up on the coastline.

On this beautiful day at the ocean, beachcombers are finding something blue that’s out of ordinary.

“This is something that doesn’t happen here very often.”

For almost a month now a jellyfish like creature called the velella velella has been washing up by the millions on west coast beaches and right here in ocean shores.

Tim O’Cain and his grandkids and have never seen anything like it.

“Really gooey and actually for a distance I thought they looked like a mussel, until you got up close to them.”

After the winter, as sea surface temperatures rise, the creatures migrate closer to the shore in droves.

“They have a sail fin that has a slight bend to it and that helps them curve again from the beach and stay off the beaches.”

But it’s when the wind starts to blow that sets the creatures off course.

“These guys have no chance once they start spinning around in circles.”

That’s when they’re pushed on the shore and become a something strange for all to see.

“They were blue, things, they were really goopy and mushy and they were weird to step on and they?”

Velella velella aren’t poisonous and they won’t sting.

“These are no threat to humans, unless you’re a microscopic plantain you have nothing to worry about.”

Officials say these jellyfish washed up last April, and six years before that, too.

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