Technique & tempo in workouts

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Are you sabotaging your workout?    You might be wasting your time working out if you aren’t doing it right.  Personal Trainers Ryan Woods and Tyler Pratt from Enfuse Fitness in Enfield, Connecticut told us the importance of technique and tempo.

Tips for Technique & Tempo:

1. Always count your tempo to ensure you are achieving the appropriate training stimulus
2. Use a stop watch. This will keep you focused and honest with your rest intervals.
3. Never sacrifice technique for increased load / weight.
4. Visualize the muscle / muscles you are working. Try to make a mind muscle connection to improve focus and your results.
5. Find a training buddy! It’s more fun, you can spot one another to ensure all of the above variables are being addressed, and it adds the element of accountability.

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