National Parks: Traveling back in time

(NBC News) There are more than 400 parks, monuments and battlefields that are overseen by the National Park Service.

Most of us know the big parks, like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite, but there are many sites tucked in corners of the country that officials at the National Parks Service are inviting all of us to enjoy during National Parks Week, from April 18-26th.

For visitors to the Great Falls National Park on the Potomac River you can meet a park ranger like John McCarthy, who will take you back to 1870 to see what life was like along the C&O Canal.

“Before there was an easy way and a cheap way to get here the common man really had to to use their imagination,” McCarthy says.

The excursion boats and locks in use at the park are near perfect replicas of the same ones used nearly 150 years ago.

To find a park near you, check:

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