Matt Lauer’s latest prank on Ellen is one you can call

BURBANK, Calif. (MEDIA GENERAL) – Matt Lauer and Ellen DeGeneres just keep raising the stakes in their prank war. The latest volley by Today Show host Lauer has generated thousands of phone calls.

The pranks started when Ellen used a little movie magic to transform Lauer into a racy on screen character. Then, Lauer filled Ellen’s car with 20,000 pingpong balls. After that, Ellen asked all her fans to show up on the Today Show set and tickle Lauer.

Now, Lauer has responded with possibly the best prank yet. He’s placed four billboards, two full-size in Los Angeles, with Ellen showing a little skin and posing like a plumber. The billboards say “Need a plumber? 1-844-Ellen-4-U.”

The bigger joke is the number actually works and thousands have called it. When the message picks up, Lauer’s recorded message plays telling you to find a real plumber, but telling Ellen “nice crack.” We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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