Holyoke youth bash the trash

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – The Great Holyoke ‘Trash Bash’ aims to clean downtown using youth power. Christine Alger, Program Manager The Children’s Study Home and HYTF, Karyann Cruz, Youth Commissioner, Darian Gonzalez,  Peer Leader joined us with the details.

Great Holyoke Trash Bash
Holyoke Youth Task Force

Saturday, April 18th

Meet at 295 High Street


HYTF Coalition Goals

Goal I:

Coordinate an approach to strengthen the voice and visibility of Holyoke youth in speaking for their needs and for changes that would contribute to their well-being.

Goal II:

Create a forum and network for sharing best practices, connecting around common
needs, exploring cooperation and collaboration, offering professional development
and creating a culture of support and camaraderie for youth workers.

Goal III:

Provide a structure for coordinating advocacy efforts to impact public policy.

Goal IV:

Provide an entity through which to coordinate strategies to secure local, state and
federal funding for agencies working together.

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