Chicks rescued from mail

(WXIA) It’s Noah’s Ark to the rescue, again.

This time, the animals that Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgai rescued were hundreds of chicks, each less than a week old.

Allison Hedgecoth of Noah’s Ark said the chicks had been mailed, but never reached the intended recipients. Hundreds of other chicks in the shipment died, apparently in transit.

“A life is a life, no matter how small it is,” Hedgecoth said.

Hedgecoth said about 300 chicks, and some ducklings, arrived at Noah’s Ark unexpectedly on Friday, April 10.

“About 1,000 chicks were being shipped. That’s what the post office had calculated, by how many chicks were in each box. And they said the boxes were stacked taller than a man,” she said.

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