Australian model killed while fighting for ISIS

25 year-old Sharky Jama chose a life on the battlefield over a life on the catwalk

It’s been a shocking trend: bright young men and women leaving their lives in the west to go and join ISIS.

A 23 year-old man from the U.S. has been charged with supporting terrorism after he was told to do so by a cleric in Syria.

Now, it seems that another young’s man choice to go and fight with ISIS has cost him his life. His future looked bright but somewhere along the way, 25 year-old Sharky Jama chose a life on the battlefield over a life on the catwalk.

The former model and DJ from Melbourne is the latest Australian believed to have been killed fighting alongside ISIS militants, his parents learning of their son’s death via a text message and a phone call.

They told Australian media that he left his home last year, telling his parents he was going camping, when in fact he traveled to Fallujah, Iraq, where he’s believed to have served with ISIS as a medic, a cook, and sometimes a machine gunner.

A far-cry from the life he lived in Australia as a popular DJ/model.

“He was part of a plan and it was all obviously thrown of plan when he decided to join ISIS and we had to part ways. It was quite a tearful and heart wrenching moment for everyone involved.”

The Australian government said it can’t confirm Jama’s death, but the Prime Minister used it as a warning for would-be Jihadists.

“I have a very simple message to anyone who might be thinking of going overseas to join these terrorist groups- don’t. Don’t. They are death cults and it’s just as likely to be your death. ”

Since the bloody rise of ISIS, Jama joins some 20 other Australians who have been killed in the conflict, but the fate of some 90 more Australians still out there on the battlefield remains unclear.

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