UMass students aren’t sure Kevin Hart’s show will stay cell phone free

This isn't the first time Hart has imposed a no phone policy

Kevin Hart

AMHERST Mass. (WWLP) – Comedian Kevin Hart will perform at UMass April 29th, a show that he wants to be cell phone free. If a student is seen with a cell phone, they’ll be asked to leave.

Hailey Conroy, a freshamn at UMass told 22News she’s not sure if the policy can actually be enforced. “There would have to be massive amounts of security that would be going on to look at certain people and see if the screens were reflecting off their faces. It just seems like too much, ” she said.

Mullins Center spokeswoman Rachel Meyrowitz told 22News the “no cell phone” policy isn’t the school’s rule, it’s a request from Kevin Hart’s tour, and will also be in place when he performs at other venues around country.

This isn’t the first time Kevin Hart has imposed a no cell phone policy at his shows, but it is a first for the Mullins Center and students at UMass Amherst.

Cynthia Shuttleton is a graduate student at UMass,and while she said she doesn’t plan on going, plenty of other students do. “I don’t know how you could possibly do that, because I’m imagining there’s going to be a lot of students, and how are you going to get every single student who potentially has a phone? So, I don’t think it’s really possible,” she said.

Rachel Crowe, a freshman at UMass, said she could only think of one sure way to enforce the rule. “I don’t think it will be, unless they actually collect people’s cell phones, which would be outrageous,” she said.

If students get caught with a cell phone, they will get kicked out and won’t get their money back. When booking the show, the Mullins Center was told the policy was to “protect the integrity of the show”, which means prevent the comedy show from being recorded. Students also aren’t allowed to bring video cameras, audio recorders, or any other type of recording device.

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