Study: Drop in airline carriers’ overall performance

Number of complaints against airline carriers rose 22% in 2014

WINDSOR LOCKS, Mass. (WWLP)– In just one year complaints reported against airline carriers rose more than 20 percent, according to an annual study done at Witchita State University.

Flight delays stuck out as a one major issue, with the average of on-time arrivals hovering around 76 percent.

“My flight was delayed in Montreal to come here and it was kind of frustrating because there was nobody around to tell me what gate I needed to go to, when it would be delayed for,” Shelly Ironside, told 22News while getting ready to fly home to Canada after visiting a friend in Springfield.

Another major issue that popped up with airlines’ overall performance had to do with how many pieces of luggage actually made it with you to your final destination. The study shows from 2013 to 2014 that the number of bags lost, stolen, or delayed rose 13 percent.

Duane Provost, a frequent flier from Springfield told 22News among the noticeable drop in domestic airlines services, he has seen improvements in how security is handled at airports throughout the U.S.

“I mean security has gotten good over the years. For a little while there after 9/11 it was pretty rough but it’s come a long way and they do they best that they can when they can,” Provost said.

Researchers say regional carriers flying smaller planes scored the worst for overall performance, but that major carriers including Delta, United, Southwest, and American all dropped in on-time performance and had an increased number of complaints filed against them.

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