Family Fun at Fenway Park

BOSTON, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – The Boston Red Sox are preparing for their Home Opener. Seth headed to Fenway Park for a preview of Monday’s game.

Fenway Park for Kids

  • Teach them to keep score
  • Meet & greet with Wally
  • Catch peanuts from a vendor
  • Catch a foul ball|
  • Visit Wally’s Clubhouse
  • Get on the Jumbotron

Family Fun at Fenway
Top Tips for a great experience

  • Show up early!
  • Park farther away
  • Eat before the game
  • Take in the whole park
  • Get souvenirs in advance||

Fenway Park Treasure Hunt

  • Ted William’s Statue
  • The Monster Seats
  • Rooftop Garden
  • Pesky’s Pole
  • Ted William’s Red Seat
  • Wally the Green Monster

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