Florida man rode in Lamborghini minutes before deadly Disney crash

Marc Molinaro rode in the Lamborghini right before it crashed on Sunday. Credit: Marc Molinaro

ST PETERSBURG, FL (WFLA) – A St. Petersburg man witnessed a deadly Lamborghini crash at Walt Disney Speedway on Sunday, just minutes after he finished taking a ride in the exotic sports car.

Marc Molinaro visited the Exotic Driving Experience and rode around the track with instructor Gary Terry of Davenport. Terry was in the passenger seat when the Lamborghini, which was driven by Tavon Watson, 24 of Kissimmee, lost control and hit a guardrail.

Molinaro recalled his ride in the Lamborghini and said the sports car reached speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour.
Molinaro said instructor Gary Terry was incredibly friendly and helpful during his ride.

After Molinaro’s ride around the racecourse was over, Molinaro got out of the white Lamborghini and Tavon Watson stepped in.

Molinaro then went to a watch area. Molinaro said Watson was driving normally, but about five minutes into the drive, he saw the car lose control, run off the road and slam into a guardrail. He said the passenger door immediately flew off and he knew something was wrong.

“As soon as it impacted the guard rail, you saw the door fly [off]. God knows where that landed. Then once everybody realized, all the staff realized what happened, they started rushing us back to get us in the building,” said Molinaro.

Molinaro is saddened by the tragedy, but is thankful that he didn’t drive more laps, because he could’ve been behind the wheel during the crash.

“Once I realized what happened I was like ‘Holy crap, had I extended my lap time… that possibly could have been me driving that car.’”

Molinaro said Terry was incredibly likable guy.

“He was a good guy. Nice guy, funny, he liked to joke around, you know, just a cool guy.”

Molinaro said Watson was visiting the course to celebrate his birthday and seemed like a friendly young man.

A spokeswoman for Petty Holdings said Monday that Terry was the senior operations manager at the Exotic Driving Experience at Walt Disney World. Terry also was a professional driving instructor.

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