Coloring books for adults are the new craze

The books for adults are topping bestseller lists

NEW YORK (CNN) – Carly Herbst knows how to pick just the right color; “The blues are my favorites.” This 29-year old New York beauty blogger spends her days reviewing lipsticks and nail polish. In her free time, she’s discovered a different kind of coloring.

“I can color in a couple of flowers and a couple of trees and just kind of shut my brain off after a busy day and not be looking at my phone or my iPad,” Carly said.

And for an old-fashioned hobby, it’s right on trend. Carly said, “I have friends who are writers, who are CPA’s, who are lawyers, who are nutritionists and they’re all interested in it.”

The author of these books, 31-year old Scottish artist Johanna Basford, could never have imagined such success. Johanna said, “Nobody is more surprised than I am.”

Her two titles have now sold over a million copies worldwide, topping the Amazon bestseller list. “I just wanted to make a book that I myself would like to own and color, and it never crossed my mind that there would be this whole community online that would pop up,” Johanna said.

Business is blossoming. She has to print more copies of her first two books, and she’s already working on three and four.

“You don’t see that many stressed out 7 or 10 year olds, there is proof that play really does help you relax and be more productive,” Johanna said.

It’s a craze that goes beyond one author; several other titles are also selling out online. “It takes you back to childhood but on a grownup level, you feel like you could do it with a glass of wine instead of a glass of milk,” Carly said.

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