Bulk trash pickup scheduling in Springfield

22News found out how Springfield officials are dealing with piles of trash in the city.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- All that snow has finally melted away, revealing rubbish on many city streets, sidewalks and yards.

There are 15-hundred houses in foreclosure in Springfield, and the city has a plan to clean up homes that have fallen into disrepair, as well as unattended trash.

Springfield Code Enforcement had 30 complaints for trash and blighted properties just on Bay Street Monday.  And it wasn’t even the full length of the Street.

“Soda bottles, beer bottles, beer cans and just thrown to the side. People eating food next to the bodega and throwing it on the ground and we have clean up the whole dead end street,” Leon Johnson, of Springfield said.

City Code Enforcement says if you have some bulk trash to put out on the sidewalk make sure you call the city’s 3-1-1 hotline so the garbage truck knows when to come and don’t put it out any earlier than the night before.  The bulkitem pickups are normally scheduled on the same day as your recycleables, but it is legal for people to look through whatever you put out.

You’ll pay $8 to $12 for stickers to put on bulk items that will be picked up in Springfield.  And those stickers have value, and they have a tendency to disappear.

Deputy Director of Springfield Code Enforcement, David Cotter told 22News, “Wait until you put the stickers on in the morning and try to staple them on so that they’re not stolen or taken.”

If you do have your sticker stolen, call the Department of Public Works and they will try to work with you.

“Rubbish, trash and unregistered cars are a big problem right now and we’re trying to get ontop of it,” Cotter said.


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