Syrian ISIS attack

SYRIA (NBC) – Syrian television broadcast pictures of the aftermath of an ISIS mortar attack in the Syrian city of Aleppo this Morning.

Syrian tv said six people had been killed and several wounded in the attack on a government-controlled district in the city.

The monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that three people had been killed in the attack, adding they expected the number to rise.

They said dozens were wounded, many of them seriously.

ISIS has bolstered its forces north of Aleppo, a rebel leader and the monitoring group said Friday, adding that the jihadist group is attacking rivals as part of a broader push beyond its eastern strongholds.

Earlier this week, the group targeted rival rebel factions north of Aleppo with two car bombs, killing at least 31 people, according to the Syrian observatory for human rights.

Aleppo itself remains divided between an area held by the government and another held by an array of insurgent groups.

The attack is thought to be part of ISIS’ drive to advance in Aleppo.

It’s not clear whether rebel or armed forces were targeted in the attack.

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