UVA students speak out

(WVIR) People are reacting to Columbia School of Journalism’s review of the Rolling Stone magazine article that focused on an alleged sexual assault at the University of Virginia. In the review, Columbia found what they call “a failure that was avoidable.”Rolling Stone magazine retracted the November article about the alleged gang rape of a woman called “Jackie” and apologized. The review of the journalism behind the story found Rolling Stone writers and editors failed to reach out to other sources to verify the story. The deans found the article a failure of reporting, editing, editorial supervision and fact checking.

The article claims Jackie met up with three friends near the Phi Kappa Psi house after being brutally gang raped. The Columbia investigation reveals that author Sabrina Rubin Erdely never reached out to those friends to verify this part of the story.

One of those people mentioned in the story – who wasn’t contacted – is UVA student Ryan Duffin who was a friend of Jackie’s. Erdely says she asked Jackie about talking to Duffin, and Jackie told her he refused because he was worried about tarnishing the Greek system’s reputation. He says this conversation never happened.

“The fact that I’m in a fraternity would by no means prevented me from talking to Rolling Stone. I really wish that they had reached out to me from the get-go because if they had reached out to me they would’ve had a much better article that would have been subject to this scrutiny because all of the discrepancies would’ve been taken care of before the article was published,” he said.

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