New clue in Halloween mystery?

(WDIV) Michigan police are following up on new clues in the disappearance of 22-year-old Chelsea Bruck.

Bruck vanished on Halloween while wearing a “Poison Ivy” costume. A similar costume was discovered Sunday at an abandoned building in Flat Rock.

A state police helicopter and K9 team spent hours searching the area on Monday. Police did not say if anything else was found, but did say that search was just one part of their investigation. So far, they have followed up on 650 tips, some of which led to them utilize dive teams to search.

Nearly six months after her disappearance, Chelsea’s family just wants an answer.

“Easter was very hard,” said sister Kassie Bruck. “I was frustrated. You get angry, but today I’m a little more positive and I’m feeling a little better about the situation. It changes every day.”

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