Montague police asking citizens to clean up used needles

Police concerned that children could be stuck with dirty needles

TURNERS FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – In the Franklin County town of Montague, police have urged the public to pick up needles that heroin users have discarded. It is a problem that has gotten worse as heroin addiction has increased.

“It’s a very serious problem, almost what I could consider an epidemic,” Police Chief Chip Dodge said.

Chief Dodge believes there are dozens of needles on the streets of town, especially in the village of Turners Falls. Dodge has asked the people of Montague to pick up the needles they find, and place them safely in disposal kits secured from police or the health department.

“God forbid a child is exposed or pricked by a needle. That’s our biggest fear, really. I’m trying to make some more awareness to the public,”  Dodge said.

22News went out into the community to find out whether residents of this town of 8,700 will step-up and help rid the streets of these needles.

“Sure I would. Yes, definitely, to keep the needles off the streets, out of kids’ hands. I would definitely do that,” Amy Connelly of Turners Falls said. “If he needs help, of course Turners Falls is always like that.”

If Connelly and concerned citizens like her find needles discarded by drug users and are unable to pick them up themselves, Dodge says that his officers will come get them.

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