Headlights now required when it rains

Violation is only a $5.00 ticket, but it comes with insurance surcharge

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– Drivers in Massachusetts have a new rule of the road that they must obey. The new “Wipers on, Headlights on” state law goes into effect Tuesday, April 7.

The new law was signed in January, and requires that both front and rear lights must be on whenever your windshield wipers are on, even during daylight hours.

It also specifies that headlights need to be on when weather conditions cause drivers to not be able to see other cars or pedestrians that are 500 feet away. It also states that headlights need to go on from a half hour after the sun sets to one half hour before the sun rises.

Drivers need to know that according to the new law, relaying on daytime running lights that automatically come on with newer cars is not enough.  Drivers must use their headlights to comply with the new regulation.

The fine for not following the new rule is only $5.00, but violation that comes with an insurance surcharge, which means if you get caught, your insurance rates could go up.

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