Group pushes for living wages in Western Mass.

They say it's in everyone’s interest to pay the recommended minimum

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – How much money can you make to get by in western Massachusetts?

The group Living Wage Mass. says it’s about $12.17 an hour in this area to live minimally for one person. The coalition wants to start a campaign in Springfield to get employers onboard and met Tuesday night at the Central Library.

They say it’s in everyone’s interest to pay the recommended minimum.

Kitty Callaghan told 22News, “It boosts morale, it boosts employee output, reduces absenteeism, reduces people leaving and turnover.”

Callaghan says turnover can cost an employer over $3,000 for employees that work 40 hours a week for about $10 an hour.

If you add a child into the mix living rates can double for a single parent.

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