‘Fort Knox of Pot’ set up to safely sell medical marijuana

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — “The Fort Knox of pot.”

That’s how Matthew Herman describes the secure warehouse he’s setting up in Grand Rapids. The warehouse aims to provide a safe place for people to grow legal medical marijuana without the risk of thieves breaking into their home.

24 Hour News 8 agreed not to disclose the location of the warehouse, which has air filters to prevent a smell, blacked out windows and doors, a secure entrance and multiple cameras.

“Right on the other side of this wall right here is our first tenant,” Herman, a Grand Rapids attorney, said. “I think he has 60 plants in there.”

Each unit in the warehouse is roughly 900 square feet and is divided into two rooms: One for one small plants, called a veg room, and another called the flowering room.

Rent costs $4,000 per month and each unit comes with a 2-year lease, but the warehouse is already completely rented out and Herman also has a waiting list of prospective tenants. He says he has plans to open another five locations this year alone to keep up with demand.

“We’re still kind of a work in progress,” he said as he showed 24 Hour News 8 the warehouse on Monday.

Rent covers the cost of lights, water and fertilizer — but not the actual plants. Rent also covers the fees for an attorney who will answer questions about Michigan’s notoriously confusing medical marijuana law.

Herman got into the business after seeing clients running into trouble while attempting to legally grow medical marijuana in their homes.

“I kind of started to see the problems they were having and then I thought of the economic side of it, because those are the clients that always had the ability to pay their bills,” Herman said. “You kind of figure out how much money is associated with something like this, you’re like, ‘Man, how do I get involved?’”

By June, he hopes to have locations in Byron Center, Muskegon, Ionia, Warren, and two in Grand Rapids. The space at the Byron Center location, which isn’t open yet, is already completely leased out to clients.

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