Cell phone video of a minor being arrested is raising eyebrows

MARYSVILLE (KSNT) – A Marysville mother wants answers after her 16-year-old son was arrested.

She claims the police had no right, and has proof since the whole encounter was caught on camera and posted on Facebook, “Why are you arresting me? I’m 16, what did I do?” That’s a question Abel Cisneroz shouted while being arrested, and a question he still doesn’t really have an answer too.

“Is it because of my curfew? Because if it is, couldn’t I have my parents just come pick me up,” Cisneroz said.

Cisneroz claims all he was doing was going in to the Casey’s gas station to use the restroom and buy a drink, and that’s when the officer approached him. “He went in to the gas station to confront me as soon as I came out of the bathroom,” Cisneroz said.

The officer first questioned Abel and three of his friends about being out past curfew. Then according to a police report the officer asked him to take a breathalyzer, “He said it was because I think you’re intoxicated because I can see your eyes are bloodshot,”Cisneroz said.

But when the person behind the camera told Cisneroz he didn’t have to take the breathalyzer, he agreed, “I said okay, then I’m not going to take it, and can I call my parents or can I just go home and he wouldn’t let me.”

And never throughout the video provided to KSNT News, does the officer answer any of Cisneroz questions. So we took the video to Marysville Police Chief Todd Ackerman, “If you want to ask an officer a question, we’ll answer your question.” But from what can be seen on the video, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Once back at the station Cisneroz did blow a .04 blood alcohol level and is facing a minor in consumption offense. However, his mom, Crissy Cisneroz, says the arrest still doesn’t make sense, “It’s just about his rights as a human being, his rights as a minor and to me there was no probable cause – none.”

But Chief Ackerman is still confident his officer did nothing wrong, “That’s one thing I love about cameras, cameras don’t lie. Sometimes there are things found on video that we go uh oh, something did happen.”

This incident, perhaps, the latest example of how technology can change everything.

Cisneroz’s mother says she plans to file a formal complaint against the officer seen in the video. The Chief of Police said the encounter was caught on dash cam footage, but the Marysville Police Department does not currently wear body cameras.

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