Study shows long red lights harmful to environment

According to an MIT study sitting at red lights produces more pollutants

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Hitting red light after red light can be irritating, but they might also be harmful to the environment.

According to a new MIT study, every time you’re stuck behind a red light, harmful carbon emissions are traveling from your car to the air.  Which is why a group of researchers went in search of a solution.

MIT scientists say the new smart traffic light system would send it last carbon omissions into the air, which would be better for the environment, and they also say it would reduce the amount of time that you spend waiting for the light to turn green.

The study says city’s could look at the amount of cars in an area, and compare it to it’s traffic patterns.  That data could then be used to time out traffic lights more efficiently, which means red lights would change color quicker.

Fred Burdick of Vermont said, “I think that it will help with the environment, there’s a lot of emissions being distributed by cars and causing all of this pollution and I think it’s a good idea.

It’s also welcome news to many commuters here in western Massachusetts who say they spend way too much time sitting behind red lights.

On the weekends it’s probably 5,10 minutes, we run all weekend, so we love it shorter times, got to get where we got to go, said Scott Richards of Agawam

Authors of the study say they looked at 12 thousand cars at 17 key intersections to find new ways to reduce pollution, and help drivers get around more efficiently.

It would be a great idea because were constantly polluting our atmosphere, this parking lot is full of cars and they all came here from God knows where, and you know there’s lights all over the place. And you know, there’s lights all over the place,” Jose Gonzalez of Holyoke said.

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