Self-proclaimed “redneck” stirs controversy with video of anti-ISIS panel

Michael Guebara claims he loves God and America

ALBUQUERQUE, NM. (KRQE) – Sophomore Michael Guebara isn’t shy about letting you know what he thinks, “I drive a truck, I love America, I love god and I shoot guns.

Just overnight, he’s let about 50,000 people know what he thinks.  When he saw a panel about ISIS in the student union building, he started recording, “This is disturbing people, this is very disturbing. I am not ok with this as an American. I think we as a people should be scared; this is the University of New Mexico.

Fear is exactly what the Muslim Student Association says it was trying to address by holding a panel about ISIS.

“We don’t condone anything that ISIS does. We are against everything that they do. Islam doesn’t promote violence,” MSA president Armez said.

The association says during the panel it addressed religion, politics and the roots of extremism.  It says the Facebook post, titled “pro-ISIS panel at UNM” has now done the opposite of what they had hoped for.

“When you have the invention of Facebook and social media in general, people kind of get bits and pieces of knowledge. If it forms your perception, then that can be harmful,” Armez continued.

Organizers say Christians who sat in and listened to the panel have told them they don’t agree with Guebarra’s post.

Majority of Christians, apart from him, they were surprised. They really appreciated the fact that we were there, we enlightened the community and we took a stand,” Imam Shafi Abdul Aziz said

Guebara makes no apologies, “Everything has to be politically correct. We can’t go against something, we just have to listen. Why can’t we just standup and say our viewpoints and ask questions and actually start a dialogue.”

The Muslim student association says a dialogue what they didn’t get to have with him or the 50,000 people who have watched his video.

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