Pet pig on the loose at Burger King

The pig is actually someone's pet

(CNN) – Chick-fil-a has its cow. And now Burger King has, well…its pig. No, we’re not talking about bacon, but the real thing!

In rural Somerset County, Burger King employees and customers had a showdown with a swine.

Employee JJ Nichols said, “I came around the corner around 5 a.m. behind us. I saw a black pig just sitting behind our door. I wasn’t sure what it was. I was kind of scared. I got up and I realized it was a pig. I was beating on the back door, yelling for a manager, and he was like, ‘I’m not opening the door! Come around the side!'”

The pig is actually someone’s pet. It lives just down the street.

Nichols says, “It started walking all around the parking lot. It wouldn’t leave. We thought it was going to. Customers started to come in, like, ‘You guys have a pig in your drive-through.'”

Things got a little hairy at the King when the porker got a little naughty.

Nichols says, “I watched it happen right here. It was crazy. The pig was really friendly. She was like, ‘Hey!’ And the pig just kind of walked up to her and bit her right on the foot. She had shoes on. She got right back in her truck.

“We had two or three people come just to look at the pig and leave.”

Nichols himself even had fun with the pig. “Bloop, bloop, bloop. Those are all pig nose prints. I tried to feed it bacon and my manager yelled at me. He didn’t yell. He said, ‘Don’t feed it.'”

Eventually, state police and the pig’s owners showed up to take it home. Nichols says this isn’t terribly uncommon for this part of Somerset County.

This isn’t exactly downtown Pittsburgh. It’s not uncommon you might have animals running around? “Yeah, yeah, We definitely do. But I’ve never seen a pig.”

But it sure makes for a good story.

“Customers are liking it, so hopefully it brings more business.”

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