“Wipers on, headlights on,” new law takes effect April 7th

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) — We have a rainy week ahead of us, and starting Tuesday, a new law will affect anyone driving in it.

The new state law, known as “Wipers On, Headlights On,” takes effect on Tuesday, April 7th. The new law will require drivers to turn on their headlights and tail-lights whenever their windshield wipers are on, including during the daytime.

Drivers will also need to turn on their lights a half-hour after sunset and a half-hour before sunrise, or when visibility is less than 500 feet, which is about the size of one and a half football fields.

The law is referring to full headlights, which are typically used at night time. Not just your car’s running lights, which may turn on automatically, especially in newer cars.

The fine for violating the new law is only $5, but drivers who get fined for a headlights offense could also face insurance surcharges. Under Massachusetts law, insurance surcharges will go on your driving record and could increase your insurance rate.

Massachusetts is joining 18 other states with similar laws.

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