Man commits suicide at Universal Studios Hollywood

Many wonder how the man smuggled a gun into the park

LOS ANGELES (CNN) – Police in Los Angeles say a man committed suicide at Universal Studios.

The incident was out of the view of civilians, but many families were nearby.

Preston Scharf, a park guest, told KCBS “It’s scary. Glad they didn’t hurt [anyone] else.”

Investigators say the man’s ex-girlfriend had a restraining order against him. However, they say he continued showing up at the theme park where his ex-girlfriend works. When she saw him, she called security. Then he disappeared behind the “Despicable Me” attraction.

Lt. Eddie Hernandez of the LA county sheriff’s department told KCBS “They located him in kind of a secluded area, designated for a small smoking area.”

A female deputy recognized the man from prior contacts and then approached him.

“This individual stood up, turned around, and retrieved a handgun from his back pocket or somewhere in his back area.”

The deputy said 30 seconds later, he pulled the trigger. As seen in this twitter video, park guests were ushered into a safe area and given water.

Erin Dolan, a park guest, said “[Park Employees] were just very general, so it makes sense now that they were obviously not wanted to broadcast that. I mean it would probably be mayhem. There are so many people in that park right now.”

Many question how a gun could get on the premises.

Lt. Eddie Hernandez said the security measures that are in place right now don’t include pat downs or wandings. They do include checking purses and bags.

Investigators say they will work with Universal to look closer into their security measures and provide guidance moving forward.

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