The foods you eat could affect your medication’s effectiveness

Grapefruit juice could cause problems if you're on medication

(CNN) – Some foods, even the good-for-you ones, can interfere with how certain medications work.

When your doctor prescribes you a medication, sometimes there’s a warning about what foods you should or shouldn’t eat while taking it.

“It’s not uncommon to have what we call “food drug interactions.” there are a handful of drugs that are maybe more well known for their food interactions,” said pharmacist Scott Mcauley.

For example, consuming dairy products can have an effect when taking tetracyclines, “It’s a type of antibiotic that can’t be taken with dairy products. The calcium in the dairy products combines with the medications to make them pass through unabsorbed, so you want to avoid that,” Mcauley continued.

Also grapefruit juice could cause problems if you’re on medication, “It affects the way drugs are metabolized, and for most drugs it can increase the amount that is in your body, causing more side effects and adverse effects. Dozens of drugs have this interaction, including commonly prescribed blood pressure medications, so if you have any questions ask your pharmacist or your physician,” said Mcauley.

Another thing to avoid while taking prescription medications, alcohol.  Alcohol alone can make you drowsy and light-headed.  Certain drug-alcohol combos can increase the chance of serious side effects, like internal bleeding and difficulty breathing.

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