Storms leave significant damage in parts of Kansas

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WICHITA, Kansas (KSN) – Severe storms overnight left significant damage throughout south central Kansas, leaving downed trees and damaged buildings and cutting off power to thousands of residents.

In Sedgwick County, dispatchers reported that there are power lines down all over the city. In Wichita, there is damage reported at Figeac Aero near 35th Street and Webb. Part of the roof was ripped off, leaving a 50-60 foot hole in the roof. There were some workers there at the time, but no one was injured. A hangar at Jabara Airport was also destroyed. The airport was closed Friday morning, but it reopened around noon. The airport will be closed sunset to sunrise until power is restored due to no runway lights.

Harvey County is reporting that the old Alco building, the bowling alley and skate center in Newton were all severely damaged in the storm. Harvey County Sheriff T Walton says the Newton Library was also damaged.

In Butler County, a mobile home was destroyed in Douglass. Three people were in the home but escaped with no injuries.

One man who lives there with his wife and 8-month-old child told KSN they were lucky to get out without injuries.

“Right as I got them in bed, the whole house went sideways and if I wouldn’t have gotten to them just then, it would have been way worse, but I got both of them out,” said Robert Zimmerman.

School was canceled Friday in Wichita and Maize because of the power outages.

Westar Energy says as of 4 p.m., 35,000 customers were without power, including 22,000 in Sedgwick County, 3,100 in Reno County, 6,700 in Harvey County, and 1,900 in Butler County.

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