Fish, Kosher foods in high demand for Good Friday and Passover

WEST SPRINGFIELD / LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Crowds had been lining up all Friday morning at the Fish department at the Big Y in West Springfield. Catholics and some other Christians abstain from the eating of meat on Good Friday, and that means big sales of fish, both ready-to-serve and cold.

Mike Messer, West Springfield Store Director, told 22News that Good Friday is the “Super Bowl of Fish and Chips,” and the supermarket is filling lots of meal orders. But it isn’t just fish and chips that have been selling well. Customers told 22News of their other favorites for their Good Friday dinner meal.

“Either cod or halibut or haddock,” Teresa Kozlowski of Agawam said.

“Cod, haddock; I love lobster, but unfortunately it’s not on my budget,” Diane Malette of Springfield said.

The Big Y fish department did a brisk business throughout this Good Friday; preparing the seasonal favorites that have come to be so much a part of the Good Friday traditions.

Christians are not the only ones marking an important holiday, however. At sundown, Jewish families in western Massachusetts and throughout the world begin the observance of Passover. At the Big Y in Longmeadow, shoppers have been stocking-up on items they need for the evening’s Seder, a meal that has been a tradition since Moses liberated the Jews from bondage in Egypt thousands of years ago.  Carly Kimball of Springfield told 22News she is looking forward to spending the holiday with family, and said she came to the Big Y to pick up one of her holiday favorites.

“My mom already has everything for tonight, preparing for weeks. But one thing I love is the Passover crackers, and I’ve been hunting them and I couldn’t find them at previous stores, but I knew Longmeadow would have a full supply,” Campbell said.

The manager of the Longmeadow store told 22News that their collection of Kosher foods is the second-largest in the Big Y chain; behind only their West Hartford store.

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