Caught on Camera: Man attacks TV crew

(WHO) – A call from a California mother reporting that her 16-year-old son had been held against his will at a LeGrand, Iowa residence led to a search warrant and six arrests.

The story then took a dramatic turn when one of the men arrested turned violent on news crews.  27-year-old Chad Bryant made it very clear that he didn’t want to talk to us.

Moments after he confronted our crew, Bryant brandished what appeared to be a rifle or a shotgun in the doorway.  He then assaulted a photographer from another TV station, pouring water on his head.

Bryant went inside and a few minutes later a couple of people sped off in a car that was parked in the driveway while Bryant took off on foot.  That sparking a massive manhunt forcing police to lock down a nearby school.

“Obviously the suspect left carrying a bag that could have very well taken away a real weapon. Particularly a shot gun is easily broken down,” said Marshall County Chief Deputy Steve Hoffman.

Police with guns drawn went into Bryant’s home, but couldn’t find anybody.  They did find a live shotgun round, possibly from the gun that Bryant displayed to reporters.

“The display of the weapon, that would be an aggravated assault, regardless if it was real or not,” Hoffman said.

The drama all began on Tuesday, when a 16-year-old from California called his mother and told her that he escaped after being held against his will at Bryant’s home.  A home that police described as a drug house.

Police arrested Bryant and five other people including Kylie Price, Bryant’s girlfriend, who lives with him at the house.
All facing a number of charges.

Three children were also removed from the house and price and Bryant were hit with additional charges of child endangerment.

Copyrihgt NBC News 2015

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