Tuition for public state universities could soon increase

Gov. Baker's budget gives state universities a 2.4% funding increase

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NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The cost of college may soon be going up for students at public state universities because of a collective bargaining agreement.

Professors and union employees are due about $9-million in salary increases. Now, officials at public state universities are warning that unless lawmakers can boost funding for the schools, they may have to raise tuition or cut academic programs.

Governor Charlie Baker’s budget gives state universities a 2.4% funding increase, but does not include any funding for the collective bargaining agreements.

Brian Zuelch, a UMass freshman, told 22News, “I really don’t think its fair. I’m already an out of state student and I’m paying higher tuition than I would like. They always say it’s a really good price for the education that you are getting but it’s going up every year and I’m starting to doubt that a little bit.”

“I wish the government would pay for it. We do go to a state school so we should be getting more support from the government. Unfortunately I think it’s going to fall upon students,” Julia Knowles, a UMass sophomore, said.

The universities serve about 52,000 students across the state. Also worth noting, UMass Amherst was not specifically mentioned as one of the state public universities affected.

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