The best April Fools from big companies

April Fools has become to corporate pranks what the Super Bowl is to commercials

(CNN) – Did you see something that made you laugh on April fools day and did you survive it without anyone making a fool of you?

It was a day of unforgettable introductions. You’d have to have your head up your fanny to fall for these. April Fools’ has become to corporate pranks what the super bowl is to commercials, an excuse for companies to introduce the most absurd dumb product that couldn’t possibly exist, could it?

I suppose Pizza Hut’s scratch and sniff menus are technically possible, but pizza beer seems like a tall order.  The selfie stick proved to be April Fools’ gold.  There was the inner selfie stick for selfies where the sun don’t shine. And if the shoe fits, so will your phone.

The Honda selfie edition features 10 embedded cameras.  BMW introduced a mouth guard fashioned after the car’s grill, the BMW motor mouth. April foolishness wouldn’t be complete without a new dating app, playdating for toddlers.

Also cute, Google letting you use their maps to play Pac-man and who needs shopping carts when there’s target’s revolutionary fanny basket, complete with cupholder. Grab those diapers. Kelly Ripa announced she’s pregnant, she’s not. Crooner Sam Smith announced he’s straight, he’s not. Tom Brady pretended he’s in a full body cast, he’s not. And if, for even a second, you fell for the selfie shoe, you are a shoo in for April fool.

Many other companies also joined in on the advertising pranks like Amazon, JetBlue, and Redbox.

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