Parking will be available when the I-91 repairs start

Construction on the I-91 viaduct start this summer

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – On any given weekday, the south and north parking lots beneath I-91 in Springfield can accommodate more than 1,400 cars. However, people who work downtown are hearing they may have to find some other place to park when work begins on the viaduct, the elevated section of the highway.

Amber Green, who works in downtown Springfield, said, “I definitely have heard rumors that its definitely going to be torn down, and I know I was parking close to here and a lot of those garages are closing, and a lot of parking’s are closing. So there are a lot of different rumors circulating about what’s going to happen with parking. People are a little panicked, so we have to go to work.”

These rumors trouble Springfield Parking Authority’s Executive Director Mary McNally. She told 22News these rumors are not true; “I’ve heard more than once that both garages are closing when the contract for the viaduct begins. Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth; we have no plans to close either garage.”

McNally did concede that the plan could be modified. She said, “If, and I emphasize ‘If,’ there is any problem once the construction begins, we will have alternatives available, but that’s simply a contingency plan.”

Work on the viaduct above the parking areas is expected to begin this summer, and the closing of some south end parking lots for the MGM casino resort construction has created a modest waiting list for parking spaces beneath Interstate 91.

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Lots that are closing are indicated in orange, lots with available monthly spaces are in blue. Trolley lot is indicated with a yellow car icon.

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