East Haddam ghost town for sale again

The property was originally a thriving village

Photo Courtesy: WTNH

EAST HADDAM, Conn. (WTNH) — An East Haddam ghost town has just come back on the market for a cool $2.4 million.

Johnsonville, known as a ghost town in the Moodus section of town, may remain that way for at least a little while longer. The 62-acre property was almost sold through an online auction for $1.9 million last fall, but the price apparently ended up being too high for the highest bidder, so the property is back on the market.

Johnsonville has been abandoned ever since Irene Orr moved to town 14 years ago. She would like to see it brought back to life.

The property was originally a thriving village built by workers at the nearby Neptune Twine Mill in the mid 1800’s, and flourished until the 1960’s. A private owner then transformed it into a Victorian village. After his death, the visitors left, leaving a ghost town behind.

Johnsonville home.“The most ghosts I’ve seen are probably deer or something,” said Orr, laughing.

The realtor for the property says there are several parties interested in taking it over for everything from a private ranch, to a high-end treatment center, and a destination spa and retreat.

“Somebody can do something with it,” said Orr. “Develop it, make it better.”

Whether or not the property is ever open to the public again as an attraction or another venue will be up to whoever buys it.

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