Teens accused of making a sex video posted online

The teenagers are facing child pornography charges

(CNN) – Four high school students are in trouble with the law, authorities say they recorded a sex video and posted it online.  Now they’re facing child pornography charges.

Joliet Central High School and its district administrators did not respond to our calls or e-mails as four students were charged with producing child pornography.

“There was in fact four people involved in a sexual encounter and it, apparently, one of them had posted it on a twitter feed and it had spread,” said Chief Brian Benton.

Three boys, one 14 and two 15, and a 16-year-old girl are being detained at the River Valley Justice Juvenile detention center.

The girls’ parents apparently saw the video and brought it to Joliet police.  That 10-minute video was taken down and is now in police custody, “Our problem is that some of the kids nowadays don’t realize how the negative impact this has, the lasting impact this has on their futures,” Chief Benton continued.

Even during spring break, news of the teens’ arrests and the allegations is getting around.

“I think it’s disgusting and I think that these kids.  If they didn’t know, this is going to be a big shocker for all the kids in Joliet,” said Amber Walker.

Meracal Foster goes to Joliet Central.  She says she was upset by this, and warns other teens to consider the consequences of their actions and social media posts, “You got to think about it.  You put yourself in this situation.  If you don’t want yourself in the situation, don’t do it.  Don’t do the stuff.”

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