Photographer shares images from inside Mike Tyson’s mansion

SOUTHINGTON, Ohio (WKBN) – A young, Northeast Ohio photographer who was once arrested for entering the Mike Tyson mansion in Southington has produced a photo gallery of stunning photographs of the prize-fighter’s luxury estate.

Johnny Joo, 24, was arrested in 2013 for entering the house, but just recently received permission to go inside to take photographs.

Joo said he has always had an interest in the 25,000-square-foot estate and was amazed to find what was inside.

“It was just amazing that it was once Mike Tyson’s house, and I just think he is awesome. I also like the fact that five of my houses could fit in the pool room,” Joo said.

Tyson’s mansion isn’t the only estate Joo has photographed. He captured the restoration of the Steele Mansion in Painsville and chronicled the years from its dilapidated state to the now beautifully restored inn.

Joo is noted for capturing images of abandoned structures in Ohio and bringing their former grandeur to life through his art.

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