Holyoke school vote possibly moved to May

A state takeover could mean longer school days for students

HOLYOKE, Mass. (CNN) – There’s a bit of uncertainty as to when the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will vote on the future of Holyoke schools.

On Tuesday, Holyoke Schools Superintendent Dr. Sergio Paez announced the board would vote on a recommended state takeover at its monthly meeting on April 28th in Fitchburg.

However this morning, the Board of Education sent me an email, saying they would be more likely to wait and vote in May.

I called Dr. Paez and he said he would be frustrated if the vote was delayed.  He wants to recruit staff for next year, develop plans and continue improvements, “My formula to fix it is not about more money from the state. I’m not asking for more money. I’m asking for time. Any new provider would come with a price and I don’t think that makes sense to me,” said Dr. Perez.

22News was there last Tuesday when Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester recommended to the board a state receivership of Holyoke schools.  A state takeover could mean longer school days for students and possibly all teachers reapplying for their jobs.

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