Caught on Camera: Fraternity brother bites head off hamster

His step-father ran for governor of the state

Courtesy: WLBT


(CNN) – The video posted by the allegedly shows 18 year old Brady Eaves of Madison, biting the head off a live hamster, in front of a crowd at a spring break party in Florida.

The video so disturbing, we had to blur it out.  Eaves was a student at Ole Miss and a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity.  Our sister station WMC in Memphis reports they kicked him out for the stunt.  Petco customers in his hometown were unimpressed.

“I think it’s absolutely repulsive, I can’t imagine anyone doing something so disgusting,” said Sara Sheen Kilic.

“I think it’s absolutely disgusting if someone would do that to a helpless animal, then they’re likely to do something terrible to a human or child,” Gillian Sheen said.

“It disgusted me. Anybody that would do that needs a penalty,” said Vera Alexander.

With this video going viral, Brady Eaves may need a good lawyer. He’s got one, his stepdad, attorney John Arthur eaves jr., and one time candidate for governor.

We tried to ask him if the same was true for his stepson, but attempts to reach him at his downtown law firm, and home were unsuccessful. Brady could face felony animal cruelty charges in Florida, where the alleged hamster biting incident took place.

The Eaves family released a statement in a letter, it reads in part ‘the actions that appear in the video go against everything that our son has been taught, and we can assure everyone that his actions are not what he believes in his heart, nor are true to his character.”

According to the letter, Brady Eaves parents have withdrawn him from the University of Mississippi.

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