Average MLB salary this year will be over $4 million

In 1976 the average player salary was 50,000 dollars.

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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – If you go to a major league baseball game this year and feel like you’re paying more than ever, it turns out the players are making more than ever too.

An AP study of major league contracts found the average MLB salary this season will be about $4.25 million. Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw will bring home the most at $31 million. The main driver is an increase in national and local broadcast fees.

“That’s pretty high, that’s like a hundred times more than the national average.  I don’t know if the difficulty of their job warrants that but I can’t do it so,” said Tim McNamara.

In 1976 the average player salary was 50,000 dollars, many players had other jobs during the off-season.

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