Staying active with rheumatoid arthritis

Staying active and a healthy diet are crucial for dealing with RA

(CNN) – Rheumatoid arthritis is a painful condition, and one for which there is no cure. But one woman says medication along with diet and exercise has cut down the severity of her symptoms. Now she’s spreading the word.

It’s easy to see that gym owner and personal trainer Rene Serrate is serious when it comes to exercising. But what might not be readily apparent is that this fitness expert and former body building champion suffers from rheumatoid arthritis; one of the most common chronic inflammatory diseases.

While there is no cure – medications have helped ease Rene’s RA. But she and her doctor believe her dedication to healthy eating and regular workouts are the key to keeping her symptoms in check.

“He’s very excited because as he says because of the way I take care of myself that we’ve almost gotten it into remission.”

Most doctors think exercise is a good idea for the majority of RA patients, although the duration and type of workouts that are helpful vary from person to person.

“I think air Aerobic type exercises, treadmill, bicycle, walking things like that. Light weights for most people are realistic now.”

“There are always good days and bad days but it’s how you approach them and you just have to know that hey you’re doing the best that you can.”

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