Spring lawn care

(NBC News) Spring has sprung and so have the dandelions, crabgrass and clover in your lawn.

Cooler temperatures, spongy soil, and tender plants all need to be taken into account when caring for your yard.

Amending the soil with additives and nutrients will help an established lawn thrive, but resist urge to over fertilize.

Lawn care experts say the biggest problem this time of year are the weeds that pop up and the simplest trick to wipe them out is an all in one application.

“If you are doing an established lawn, weed and feed is the best way to go, its going to weed out any pesky weeds, clover, dandelion things like that and actually feed the lawn throughout the season.” Explains Gary McCoy Lowe’s Assistant Manager Lawn & Garden.

Don’t ignore your bald spots! A little dirt prep and high quality grass seed and you can coax some new grass into growing. But beware, weed and feed and other pre-emergent herbicides can prevent the seed from spouting. So plant carefully.

Water. Water. Water. Experts recommend 30 minutes, for ten days straight for new growth and for maintenance one inch a week until the heat of the season.

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