Iran nuclear talks racing against the clock

It's a story of progress and setbacks

(NBC News) The top political story — both here in the United States and abroad — is playing out in Switzerland as the U.S. and other world powers race against the clock to strike a nuclear deal with Iran by tomorrow’s deadline.

And right now, it’s a story of progress and setbacks, as Germany’s foreign minister put it. “I can’t rule out that there will be further crises in these negotiations,”

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told reporters, per NBC’s Jon Schuppe and M. Alex Johnson, adding that there had been “some progress and some setbacks in the last hours.”

A senior State Department official denied earlier reports that Iran’s refusal to export its atomic fuel was a sticking point that could end prospects of a deal.

Tehran’s lead negotiator, Abbas Araqchi, told reporters Sunday that a deal was still ‘doable.’ At the same time, he ruled out one of the P5+1’s (U.S./UK/France/Germany/Russia/China] core demands: that Iran send its nuclear stocks out of the country.

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