High risk youth program in need of more funding

Gov. Baker has allocated $7.6M to the program

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Safe and Successful Youth Initiative started in 2011 to help high risk young men from getting involved in crime.

SSYI is in eleven communities right now including Holyoke. The program provides medical, housing, and career services to young men who’ve run into trouble in the past, to help keep them off the streets.

Governor Charlie Baker has allocated $7.6 million to the program, but a conference committee has not released $2 million for the program to get through June. SSYI invited political leaders to hear stories from some of the young men in the program.

Jacquline Lozada, the Director of the SSYI in Holyoke, told 22News, “Every dollar that the state invests in SSYI they save $7.35 in the other effects; the medical, the prison, the legal. After cost and homicide, everything that’s related with the crime, because the crime is not happening.  So the crimes that aren’t happening, you’re saving.”

Statewide about 1,800 men are in SSYI programs. In Holyoke there have been 130 men who used the program, and some have gone to Boston to lobby for the program.

Click Here to learn about the services available through SSYI.

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