13 and 17-year-old wrestle burglar: “It was mostly adrenaline”

The Bushart siblings wrestled the intruder out of their house while their dad called 911

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – It was just like any other Saturday for the Bushart kids, except for who they encountered when they got home from running errands with their dad. They came face to face with an uninvited visitor; a burglar.

“When we saw him, we was carrying a large basket full of our stuff,” 17-year-old Jacob Bushart told News 4.

The man claimed he knew the kids’ mother, but Jacob didn’t believe him.

“When he got close, I completely bear-hugged him from behind and restrained him back,” Jacob said.

Jacob even had some help from his younger sister, 13-year-old Mollie. “I hit him with a hammer-fist, and I kind of knocked off his glasses and broke them,” she explained.

Mollie’s a black-belt in Karate, but she said she never expected to have to use it in her own home.

“In the moment, it was mostly adrenaline,” she said.

The Bushart’s dad encountered a second suspect in their driveway. It was a woman, claiming she was looking for someone.

When the father walked into his kitchen, he found the male intruder, getting taken down by his kids. Bushart then immediately called 911.

BurglarSuspectsAmherst Police tracked the car parked in the Bushart’s driveway to a home nearby and found 27-year-old Stacey Berke and 38-year-old Daniel Cimino.

Both Berke and Cimino were arrested for Second Degree Robbery, Second Degree Burglary and Grand Larceny.

Mollie told News 4 she has one message for future burglars. “Don’t mess with this neighborhood,” the young vigilante said.

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