Two men accused of planning attacks in support of ISIS

Both men are U.S. citizens one is a specialist for the Illinois National Guard.

Courtesy: CNN

(CNN) – Federal officials are accusing two Illinois men of planning terror attacks on the U.S. in support of ISIS.  Both men are U.S. citizens one is a specialist for the Illinois National Guard.

According to criminal complaint the two cousins from aurora planned to split up. One would attack an unnamed military facility in northern Illinois while the other traveled overseas to fight with ISIS. 22-year-old Hasan Edmonds, a specialist in the army national guard, was arrested last night at midway airport as he prepared to fly to Cairo. His cousin, 29-year-old Jonas Edmonds, the feds say, was going to carry out an act of terrorism here once Hasan had left.

Both allegedly met with an undercover FBI agent looking for help to carry out the plan, telling him that they expected a body count of up to 150 people. Republican senator Mark Kirk calls it a grave indication that the threat of ISIS and terrorism is alive and real on American soil, even here in chicagoland. But our terrorism analyst says this was clearly a very unsophisticated plot that the FBI intercepted at an early stage.

“There is an ideological dimension to this. There may have been some communications, or there certainly the desire to communicate back to the parent organization. They were inspired by something larger. It does not however look like they had any success getting any kind of really good guidance or support,” said terrorism analyst Tom Mockaitis.

The FBI got wind of this late last year and the Illinois National Guard says it was in the loop as well working with the feds the head off the attack while agents prepared to take the men down.

“We took deliberate, but discrete because this is an investigation, deliberate but discrete actions to ensure this individual did not have access to any material or information that could do damage to our soldiers or their families,” said Lt. Col. Brad Leighton.

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