Tech Talker: Spring Cleaning

Tech Talker: Spring Cleaning
Spring can also be the time to clean up your digital clutter.

(NBC News) Spring cleaning may have you sifting through your closets and garages, and it’s also a time to get rid of digital clutter.

An overstuffed inbox can be overwhelming, but it’s not insurmountable.

If email overload is stressing you out a service called could help.

The free service consolidates your email subscriptions and helps you unsubscribe from what you no longer want. The subscriptions that you keep are then combined into one daily email.

Spring cleaning can also be a time to get another part of your digital life in check.

“It’s easy for social media feeds to get clogged with posts from people or pages that aren’t relevant to you anymore,” explains NBC News Senior Tech Writer Julianne Pepitone.

If you don’t need to see Facebook posts from a certain friend, you can choose to “unfollow” them without the sting of “unfriending” them.

Also check the brand pages you’re subscribed to and which apps have access to your data.

If your smartphone is lagging, photos and videos eating up storage might be the cause, but before you start deleting content from your gadgets you should consider backing up those data-heavy images to a cloud service, an external hard drive, or your computer.

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