Student Council collects prom dresses and suits for students in need in Greenfield

An average student can pay over $200 for prom clothing

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The big night for high school students, Prom, is almost here. However, getting a suit or dress can be costly.

The average high school student can pay over $200 for a prom dress or suit and not everyone can afford that for one night.

The Greenfield High School Student Council collected about 200 prom dresses, accessories, and suits for about six weeks. The formal wear is available and free to any Franklin County high school student who needs but cannot afford prom attire. Greenfield High School students were given the opportunity to pick through the hangars and try on what they wanted right after school Friday.

Claire Abelson, coordinator of the drive, told 22News, “Coming here and getting dresses just from the couple girls who have come already looks very early still. But they are so thankful and so excited and they’re finding what they want. It’s happy. It’s good.”

Franklin County high school students will have another opportunity to look through the racks Saturday at Greenfield High School from 1 until 4. Also, if you would like to make a donation you can still do that as well.

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